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Curcular: Establishing a customers’ protection units
Financial Institution and System Wing Circulars

Date: 17/2/2015
Addressed to all banks

Establishing a customers’ protection units

Referring to the article (4) paragraph (2) of Central Bank of Sudan policy for the year 2015, which is concerned with Strengthening policies and procedures of banks’ customers protection, it was decided the following:

Firstly: banks should establish a unit/ section in the head quarter and branches concerned with receiving and handlingthe customers’ complaints.

Secondly: the unit/ section should receive customers’ complaints through specified box (that be available at the banks head quarter and branches and opening should be Supervised by general manager) supervision of the general manager existing in the head quarter and branches, and the boxes should be emptied under supervision of the general manager and handlingthe complaintswithin a period not more than one month from the date of receiving the compliant.

On behalf of/ CBOS

Amir Abdelwahab Abdellatif
Yagoub Mahmoud Elsayed
Banking Affairs Department

Banks’ Customers Protection Section - Awareness Bulletin

Banking Supervision Department

Prudential Supervision Directorate
Banks’ Customers Protection Section
Awareness Bulletin

To mitigate the risks of the financial services, banks and institutions that provide financial services should commit to the following:

  1. Clarify the nature of the new products.
  2. Keep coping with the recent developments in the banking and financial industry.
  3. Apply the due diligence proceduresto customers and the real beneficiary of any transaction.
  4. Choose the successful projects for financing.
  5. Provide the facilities according to the customers’ capacity.
  6. Stay away from fictitious operations.
  7. Comply with shariah’a principles.
  8. Commit to the principles of the protection of dealers which can be summarized as follows:
    • Equitable and fair treatment of consumers.
    • Disclosure and transparency.
    • Financial education and awareness.
    • Behaviors and work ethics.
    • Protection of consumer assets against fraud and misuse.
    • Protection of consumer data and privacy.
    • Handling complaints.
    • Competition.
    • Conflicts of interest

Dear citizen when you are dealing with banks keep in mindthe following:

  1. The bank is your financial adviser; enquire about the unknown information.
  2. be honest when providing information to the bank and precise when filling out any forms of his own.
  3. Read all the information provided by the bank carefully, and know your obligations in case you acceptthe service / product.
  4. Ask the bank's employees about any unclear item or clause.
  5. Know Figh guidelines (jurisprudential guidelines) which governing the access the banking service or product.
  6. Use the service or the product under the terms and conditions that govern them.
  7. Varying risks of financial products or services i.e. choose what fits your financial situation.
  8. Inform the bank about the irregular operations when there is unknown transaction in your bank account.
  9. Do not disclose any details about your bank account to any other party.
  10. Respond to the bank request to update your information.
  11. be careful when granting official agency to carry out the financial dealings.
  12. Do not sign blank, incomplete forms or contracts.
  13. Keep a copy of the contracts and documents signed by you in a safe place.
  14. be sure to receive notification (credit voucher) when you feed your account.
  15. Make sure to return the checkbook when the bank locks your account for any reason.

Dear citizen:

  1. You have 37 banks, 678 branches spread across the country.
  2. You have the right to receive account statementfrom the bank on a quarterly basis at minimum and on-demand.
  3. There is a department in the Central Bank of Sudan, which receive complaints from banks’ customers, you can referto them when you have a complaint against any bank or financial institution, the department was created specifically to maintain the customer's rights and to support the public trust in banking systemand ensure quality of services provided to dealers, the department has the following tasks:
    • Receiving complaints from banks and financial institutions’ customers.
    • Address the parties complained against the details of the complaint.
    • Consider and decide on the complaint after the completeness of the information, and report thedecision takento the complainant.
    • The central bank does not consider complaints filed to the courts.

How to make complaints:

Customers can contact the section to deliver their complaints and disputes by any of the following ways:

  • Allocated across on the website of the Central Bank form (to get a form, click here.)
  • Hand-delivery at the central bank building in Khartoum and in the states.
  • Dial the section on telephones: 0187056673, 0187056315, and 0187056889.
  • Mailing address: Central Bankof Sudan, P.O Box 313.

Procedures manual of Consumer protection section

Procedures manual of Consumer protection section