Central Bank of Sudan Policies for 2008

The Central Bank of Sudan Policies for the Year 2008


The Central Bank of Sudan policies for the year, 2008 are formulated in the context of achieving the mission and objectives of the Bank in maintaining the financial and monetary stability. This is in addition to ensuring the potency and soundness of the banking system under the dual banking system and implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) as stipulated in item )14) of the Protocol of Wealth Sharing, with regard to the monetary, banking, currency and credit policy and according to the guidelines of the National Five-years Strategic Plan (2007-2011) and the State general budget for the year, 2008 and the full co-ordination between the monetary and fiscal policy.

In the context of these guidelines, the objectives of the Central Bank are represented in:

  • Stimulating economic activity by providing more resources to the private sector for supporting the productive sectors and the priority sectors, particularly the agricultural sector, non-oil export sector and micro finance sector, in addition to the popular and rural housing sector,
  • maintaining the stability of the exchange rate and building substantial foreign exchange reserves,
  • strengthening and reinforcing of the banks financial positions and enhancing their efficiency,
  • working towards the introduction of new instruments and modes of banking finance,
  • activating of inter-banks market.

Pursuant to these policies, the Bank of Southern Sudan shall issue a circular to implement the part relating to the conventional system in the South according to the powers vested with it.

The Central Bank of Sudan policies for the year, 2008, include the following: