Central Bank of Sudan Policies for 2007

Policies of the Central Bank of Sudan for the year 2007, have been formulated in the context of the macro-economic policies and in coordination and consultation with the Ministry of Finance and the concerned entities and taking into consideration the basic principles of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) as stipulated in Item (14) of the Protocol of Wealth Sharing, regarding the banking and monetary policy, the currency, and the credit policy. These policies prescribed: adoption of the dual banking system (Islamic in the North and Conventional in the South), establishment of the Bank of Southern Sudan (BOSS) as a branch of the Central Bank to manage the conventional window in the South, issuance of one monetary policy by the Central Bank of Sudan, which will be obligatory on all banking and financial institutions, independence of the Central Bank in implementing the monetary policy, in addition to the responsibility of the Central Bank in maintaining stability of the prices and of the exchange rate, efficiency of the banking system and issuance of the currency.


The circular covers the policies in the following pillars:

  1. The monetary and finance policy pillar.
  2. The foreign exchange policies pillar.
  3. The banking policies pillar.
  4. The policies of issuing and managing the currency pillar.

All operating banks in the country shall conduct their business according to this Circular and consider the Central Bank of Sudan policies Circular for the year 2006 dated 1st Thelkeda, 1426, corresponding to 31st December, 2005, as cancelled.