Vision, Mission, and Core Value

Our Vision

To be one of the leading central banks at the regional and international levels in maintaining the financial and monetary stability in such a way as may contribute to the realization of sustained economic growth and reinforce the international confidence in our banking credibility.

Our Mission

To maintain monetary and financial stability under the dual banking system consistent with the volume of economic activity in Sudan and to realize an attractive investment environment together with securing soundness and strength of the banking system by adopting effective financial and monetary policies and exerting the required efforts to disseminate the financial and banking knowledge.

Our Core Values

We commit ourselves to the following values for performing our work with integrity sincerity and attachment and to set the example for others:

  1. Consolidation of the spirit of association.
  2. Reinforcement of the principles of integrity, credibility and transparency.
  3. Perform with high professionalism and excellence.
  4. Effectiveness and efficiency.
  5. Work with team spirit.

Our Basic Responsibilities

  1. To ensure price stability, maintain exchange rate stability and efficiency of the banking system and to issue the currency in various denominations and organize, control and supervise the same;
  2. To formulate and implement monetary policy depending in the first place on the market mechanisms in such a way as may achieve the national objectives of the national macro economy, in consultation and coordination with the concerned the minister;
  3. To organize, monitor and supervise the banking business and to work toward promoting, developing and raising its efficiency in such a way so as to achieve balanced economic and social development;
  4. To act as Government's bank, as well as its advisor, in the monetary and financial affairs.
  5. To abide in the discharge of duties, achievement of the objectives, exercise of the powers and supervision and control over the dual banking system, by the ordinances of the Islamic Sharia and the conventional banking customs.