The Organizational & Administrative Structure

The organizational structure of the Central Bank of Sudan consists of Top management, and seventeen General departments

  General Department Directorate



Executive Services Department
Executive Office Directorate
Strategic Planning& communication Directorate
Safety & Security Unit
Public Relations and Protocol Unit
Kamal Sid Ahmed Merghani
Internal Audit Department
Mahmoud Salah Rashid
Internal Audit Directorate
Legal Affairs Department
Balla Mohamed Ibrahim

Legal Affairs Directorate

Ahmed Yahia Awad dawod

Branches Department
Branches Directorate
External Debt Department
External Debt Unit

Human Resources Department


HR Relations Directorate
Mustafa Elbakri Karar
HR Planning and Development Directorate
Fathelrahman Malik Mohamed Sharif
Organization and Management Development Directorate

CBOS Training Center

Fathi Sayed Omer

General Accounts and Financial Affairs Department



General Accounts Directorate
Hashim Mustafa Omer
Financial Affairs Directorate
Eman AbdElrahman Haroun
Information Technology Department

Project Management & Development

Mohamed Ismat Yahia Abd Alla

Information Technology Directorate

Infra Structure Directorate


Engineering Affairs & Services Department

Mohamed Siddig Elhassan

Services Directorate
Dr. Elharam Ahmed Mohamed Mukhtar
Engineering Affairs Directorate
  Banking Operations Department
Central Operations Directorate
Awad Merghani Mohamed

Central Vault Directorate

Osman Amin Mohamed

Issue Department
Magda Abdel Wahab Musa
Issue Directorate
Ahmed Amin Musaad


Banking System Regulation and Development Department
Somaya Amir Osman
Banking Affairs Directorate
Financial Institutions Directorate
Hassan Osman Ali
Banking Supervision Department
Prudential Supervision Directorate
Inspection Directorate
  Payment Systems Directorate
Hamida Mohamed Salih
Micro-Finance Unit
SaifEldin Hassan Ahmed Barri
Micro-Finance Unit


Policies , Research and Statistics Department
Shadia Awad Zayed
Policies Directorate
Statistics Directorate
Research and Development Directorate
Ragaa Mustafa Osman
Capital Markets Department
Hassan Mohamed Tibin
Finance Directorate
Mohamed Adam AbdElrahman
Foreign Exchange Directorate
Monetary Operations Directorate
Hind Mohamed Ahmed
Reserves & Gold Directorate
International Organizations Department
International Organizations Directorate
NasrEdin Suliman Haroun
International Organizations Directorate