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Central Bank of Sudan is pleased to invite you to visit its new website, which now appears in a new design that we hope will meet and satisfy your needs.The Central Bank of Sudan has decided to remain up to date and to keep pace with the technological advancement by updating its website in a way that offers an easy access and navigation to the required information.

Central Bank of Sudan website contains all the necessary data and information about the Sudanese economy in general and the financial and banking sector in particular, in addition to various data including basic laws and regulations, economic indicators, periodicals, research and studies, publications as well as the Central Bank of Sudan policies, the website also provide information on regulations governing and organizing the operations of banks and financial institutions in Sudan, and the daily exchange rates changes.

There are two unique and important characteristics associated with Sudanese Banking System, namely, it’s the first banking system in the world based on the rules of Islamic Sharia which prohibit interest rates. Since 1983 Sudan had adopted a purely Islamic banking system until, the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) between Sudanese Government and the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement in 2005, according to the CPA the south was exempted from conducting an Islamic system and instead to operate a conventional system.

Sudan Central Bank operates within two systems : Islamic in the North and conventional in the South , which represent the second characteristic of Sudanese banking system, the feature of conducting a single monetary policy governing two banking systems.

These two characteristics are distinctly reflected in this web site and it's easy to trace the dual banking system features within the policies and publications. Hopefully The browser will find a lot of rich and valuable studies, researches and (FATAWAH).

We hope that the contents of the CBOS provide useful references and reliable data for those who wish to obtain information about the Sudanese economy and banking system.

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