4th Quarter 2014

Economic Commentary

    1. Balance of Payments (Quarterly)
    2. Drawings of Loans& Grants (Quarterly)
    3. Repayment of Loans (Quarterly)
    4. Current Invisible Transactions (Quarterly)
    5. The position of Public Sector
    6. Outstanding Balance of official Bilateral Accounts (Quarterly)
    7. Summary of Foreign Trade (Monthly
    8. Exports By Commodity (Quarterly)
    9. Exports By Commodity and Percentage of Total Exports
    10. Imports By Commodity
    11. Sudan's Direction of Exports
    12. Sudan's Direction of Imports
    13. Exchange Rates
    14. Exchange Dealing Room Transactions


      1. Consolidated Balance sheet of commercial Banks (Assets Side) (Monthly)
      2. Consolidated Balance sheet of Commercial Banks (Liabilities side) (Monthly)
      1. Analysis Of Deposits By Type and Sectors-Local Currency (Quarterly)
      2. Analysis Of Deposits By Type and Sectors - Foreign Currency
      1. Banks’ Advances in local currency
      2. Banks’ Advances in foreign currency
      1. Flow of Finance by Sectors
      2. Flow of finance by Modes
    1. Murabaha average rate and Musharaka average share
    2. Currency in circulation
      1. Assets and liabilities of the Central Bank of Sudan (Assets)
      2. Assets and Liabilities of the Central Bank of Sudan (Liabilities)
    3. Money Supply (Quarterly)
    4. Factors Affecting Money Supply (Quarterly)
    5. Monetary Base
    6. Central Bank Ijara Certificates (CICs)
      1. Government Musharaka Certificates (GMCs)
      2. Government Investment Certificates (GICs)
    7. Consumer Price Index and Inflation Rates -
      1. Khartoum Stock Exchange -Primary Market
      2. Khartoum Stock Exchange -Secondary Market


  1. Balance of Payments
  2. Trade Balance
  3. Advances in Local and Foreign Currency
  4. Deposits - Local Currency
  5. Deposits - Foreign Currency
  6. Money Supply
  7. Yield Curves for GMCs, GICs and Bank's Deposits
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